Our Mission

The internet has completely changed the way we learn. Online courses make it possible for anyone to learn anything from anywhere. Pretty freakin’ awesome, right?

ofCourseBooks does one thing: we make note taking better.

For course makers, that means you get to add value to your courses and track what students are learning. For students, that means they have an easy way to write down what they’ve learned and see what others in your class are learning.

We make online learning a team sport (without stinky locker rooms or excessive protective padding).

1 Long term focus

We’re in an industry focused on growth and racing to the bottom. So we zigged instead—all our decisions (and our pricing) are based on longevity—yours and ours. We’ll consider it a win if both our software and your courses are around for a very long time.

2 Customers drive decisions

If you are paying our bills (by buying our software), we’re listening for cues and patterns that guide our features, our progress, our everything. We exist to serve you (which sounds like we’re hippies, but really, that’s what owning a business is all about).

3 Humanity before robots

People drive innovation. Technology is simply the tool that’s right for the task. We aren’t just numbers, and neither are you, so we treat everyone like the unique snowflake they happen to be. This reality is also why we donate 10% of our profits to people (and animal) charities. None of the robot charities stood out…

4 Transparency forever

Since our inception, we’ve shared everything. Not only the numbers and facts but also how we feel about what we’ve made and what we’ve struggled with. As we grow and shape the company, this won’t ever stop. Hopefully over sharing will help inspire and teach the next generation of awesome software makers.

5 Trust before growth

We’d rather make our existing customers happy than grow at all costs. Yes, this makes us sort of weird in startup land, but we’re ok with that. This is also why we limit our growth—so we can scale our software, it’s features and our support in a way that both sides are happy with.

6 Data is safe and accessible

Every piece of information you share with our software is kept “really fucking safe”. We don’t ever (and won’t ever) share, rent or sell any of your personal information or your course content. And, if you ever want to part ways, we’ll give you a copy of all of your data before we send you on your way.

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