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We’ve been busy! There are lots of fun new features…

Yesterday we hosted a live workshop where we talked about creating killer content for your online courses, but we also shared a few new ofCourseBooks features.

If you missed the live workshop and want to watch the recording (including all our gold bowling ball jokes), simply go here.

New Features: Student/teacher comments, private workbooks, and font options!

Our three most requested features from our initial members have been added to ofCourseBooks… As of today!

Student/teacher comments
Comments between teachers (workbook creators) and students are completely one-on-one private conversations. These include basic email notifications for both parties. Here’s a glimpse of this feature:


Creating private workbooks

You now have the ability to set workbooks to public or private. If you don’t want students to be able to share answers with each other, you’ll want to set your workbooks to private. You can also turn student/teacher commenting off:


Font options!

While we believe our default fonts (tiempos + calibre) are the best choice, we added the 10 most popular Google Fonts as options for your workbooks.


Phew! That’s quite the list of updates since we last emailed you. Speaking of updates…

We opened up 50 more membership spots! Hurry up and lock these in, because once these are gone we’re going to be raising* our monthly pricing plan.

If you’re already an ofCourseBooks member, we love you! Thank you. Maybe you know someone you could forward this email to that might be interested in ofCourseBooks?

If you’re not a member, but are ready to have the most beautiful workbooks on the planet, head to and grab a membership!

*Existing members will never have their prices increased. The price you pay now will be the price you pay forever.

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