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Meet the ofCourseBook features

With laser-focus we’ve built our software to do a single thing: help you creating engaging courses, which helps your students learn and grow.

That’s why there’s only one monthly plan (and it comes with unlimited everything). That’s why we’re currently not taking on new customers (so we can make certain our current ones are doing great).

In a nutshell, ofCourseBooks lets you (the teacher) create workbooks—which are a set of questions your students answer. From there, workbooks are grouped by lessons (only teachers see the lessons in the backend, to keep your courses organized) and by courses.

Then, all you do is share the workbook URL with your students (via a link in email or on any course platform) or embed the workbook right into your course. Any course platform will do.

Students then start using the workbooks. Their information is safe and secure by confirming their account via email (no clunky passwords for us!). They can print/save their works via PDF, they can share their answers with classmates and you (the teacher) get to see how far along they are and what they have to say.

But why? Why do this?

There are a few reasons we thought interactive workbooks were the missing link in online learning.

  1. As course makers ourselves, we wished we had a way to see how and what our students were learning, instead of just putting a lot of time and work into making course materials and hoping it was hitting the right notes.
  2. Note taking for online courses typically used: PDF forms (which are hard to make), Google Docs (which are hard to brand) or Word docs (ew ew EW). While there are so many great options for course software, workbooks hadn’t ever evolved to the online world.
  3. Online learning felt lonely for students. They learned the materials alone, and kept track of what they learned alone.

That’s why we created this software. We don’t just want students to take online courses, we want them to learn from the materials they buy and see what other students are learning too.

This is just the beginning too. We have so many more features and ideas to implement.

By Paul Jarvis—who has more tattoos than you.

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